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Hanson McClain Retirement Network

Who We Are

The Hanson McClain Retirement Network is a nationwide network of independent financial advisors specializing in retirement planning for telecom employees.

What We Do

We help employees plan their financial future. And we help these employees understand, in plain language, how they'll be personally affected by changes in their company savings and pension plans.

We provide ongoing educational workshops, retirement counseling, and pension benefit estimates.

What Makes Us Special

Financial advisors affiliated with the Network specialize in telecom company savings and retirement plans. Our experience, commitment, and attention to service form the foundation of our business.

Why Choose Us?

We strive to provide every client and future client with the finest quality service available in the financial industry.

Our Core Principles

  • Independent Advice (no inventory of products to sell)
  • Straightforward Planning (what you need to hear, rather than want to hear)
  • A Comprehensive Approach (tailoring your money decisions to your lifestyle)
  • Peerless Customer Service (one-on-one, frequent communications)

Connecting with Our Communities

We live and work locally, so we care about our communities on a personal level. We like to get and stay involved, because what affects one of us, affects all of us.

Jernigan Financial Group

Jernigan Financial Group, the Hanson McClain Retirement Network & Securities America Companies Are not Affiliated, Retained By Or Endorssed By Any Telecommunication Company.

Jernigan Financial Group and the Securities America companies are not affiliated